Patron Analysis


Enhanced Patron Intelligence. In the competitive landscape of entertainment spending, effectively attracting and retaining patrons is pivotal. Leveraging advanced AI-driven strategies such as predictive analytics, segmentation, and marketing automation facilitates optimal decision-making in real-time. This approach not only maximizes the lifetime value of each patron but also boosts visit frequency. Additionally, it enables the delivery of highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, significantly enhancing profitability.

Offer solutions to analyze fan demographics:

  • How many trips/visits do they make a year?
  • Where do they live?
  • How often do they play slots or table games?
  • Are they local ?
  • Create marketing campaigns targeting patrons in your database based upon the above demographics
  • Profile your VIP patrons identifying new fans exhibiting VIP trends for custom marketing
  • Greet your VIPs at arrival by knowing when they enter the property
Fans Analysis
Fans Analysis


AI-Powered Demographic Analysis Solutions: Leverage sophisticated AI tools to deeply understand fan demographics and behaviors, including annual visit frequency, geographic distribution, and gaming preferences such as slots or table games. Determine whether patrons are locals or tourists to tailor your approach.

Advanced Marketing Campaigns: Utilize AI to craft precise marketing campaigns targeting specific patron segments in your database, based on detailed demographic insights. This enables more effective and personalized engagement.

VIP Patron Profiling: Employ AI algorithms to profile your VIP patrons comprehensively. By analyzing patterns and trends among your VIPs, you can identify potential new fans who exhibit similar characteristics, allowing for targeted custom marketing strategies.

VIP Arrival Recognition: Implement AI-driven systems to detect the arrival of VIP patrons in real-time. This technology ensures a personalized greeting and superior service from the moment they enter your property, enhancing their overall experience.

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