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The Platform!

The CasinoVizion platform provides an Eco System to increase your Parton’s experience with the Casino. It starts with diverse data from all your systems; Gaming, Hotel, Point of Sales, SPA, Golf, CRM, Finance and whatever your property or properites might have. Providing the full 360 degree view from 365 days a year.

Using all this data we create the Patron Longitudinal Record (PLR), marrying cutting-edge data analytics with the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the casino industry. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, PLR transcends traditional data systems, offering unparalleled insights into the complete journey of casino patrons. Through seamless integration of diverse data sources and sophisticated algorithms, PLR empowers casinos to understand, predict, and personalize every aspect of the patron experience, driving engagement, loyalty, and revenue like never before.

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