CasinoVizion Platform : App Marketing

Personalized Campaigns

Personalized Patron Journeys

With PLR, casinos can craft individualized patron journeys from entry to exit. By delivering targeted campaigns and incentives, casinos ensure that patrons feel valued and appreciated at every turn, fostering lasting loyalty.

Dynamic Marketing and Promotions

PLR empowers casinos to deploy precision-targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with each patron’s unique profile. By leveraging AI-driven insights, casinos can maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, driving higher conversions and ROI.

Loyalty Program Innovation

PLR transforms loyalty programs into dynamic, AI-driven customer journeys. By analyzing patron behavior in real-time, PLR adapts loyalty incentives to match individual engagement levels and preferences, driving deeper connections and increased patronage.

Advanced Personalization

Personalized Recommendations

Leveraging predictive analytics and AI-driven insights, PLR tailors the casino experience to the unique preferences of each patron. From personalized gaming recommendations to tailored dining experiences, every interaction is finely tuned to maximize engagement and satisfaction.

Incredible Customer Journeys

PLR tailors a patron’s journey with the casino. From personalized promotions with customized experiences makes for an unforgettable journey and the ultimate satisfaction.


Operational Excellence

Beyond enhancing patron experiences, PLR streamlines operations and enhances service delivery. By providing real-time insights and predictive analytics, PLR enables casinos to optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional service to every patron.
In essence, PLR represents a quantum leap forward for the casino industry, where data-driven insights and AI-powered technologies converge to redefine the patron experience. With PLR as their ally, casinos can unlock new levels of engagement, loyalty, and profitability in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Data Integration

PLR seamlessly collects and synthesizes data from every patron touchpoint, creating a holistic view of the casino experience. This 360-degree perspective enables casinos to make informed decisions and optimize interactions at every stage.


iQ-AML Reporting Cash Transactions (CTR) and Suspicious Activity (SAR), as well as compliance audits, are required by AML. IQ-AML automates these essential components so that if a case is ultimately determined to be illegal/suspicious it can be transmitted directly to portals established by the oversight agencies.

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